Use this powerful offline browser to download websites and store them locally, until you are ready to view them.

Download complete copies of your favorite sites, magazines, or stock quotes.

Companies can use WebCopier Pro to transfer company's intranet contents to staff computers / tablets / phones, create a copy of companies' online catalogs and brochures for sales personal, backup corporate web sites, print downloaded sites.

Developers may use this tool to analyze websites structure, find dead links on a website.

Available on Windows Windows PCs and Apple Macs.

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WebCopier Pro


WebCopier main screen

WebCopier Pro for Windows

WebCopier Pro main screen

WebCopier Pro for Mac

Main Features

  • WebCopier Pro for Windows is a multifunction offline browser designed to run under Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8.x/10. Older version can still run under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.
  • It is a powerful tool that copies websites and stores them locally, on your system, until you are ready to view them.
  • Once you've copied a site, you have access to its information at any time, no matter where you are.
  • You can take webpages (product literature, support information, etc.) on business trips and have instant access to them on your laptop---no Net connection required.
  • Use WebCopier Pro to copy entire websites, or only specific directories.
  • WebCopier Pro follows links precisely, including JavaScript parsing. It can download up to 100 files simultaneously.
  • WebCopier Pro can print entire websites or only specific part of them.
  • Provides support for JavaScript (.js), Java Classes (.class) and Macromedia Flash (.swf) files.
  • WebCopier Pro supports proxy servers, and allows you to specify a user name and password to access secure websites.
  • The File and URL Filters give you full control over which files are copied, and which are skipped.
  • Use the Integrated browser to view the downloaded pages or to browse the Internet.
  • WebCopier Pro stores all paths in relative form, so files can be moved easily to another computer, CD, backup device.
  • WebCopier Pro is very easy to use!
  • Specially-designed Wizards will help you create each new download project.
  • You can also:
      • Schedule downloads to occur at a certain time.
      • Start downloads from a command line.
      • Import your Internet Explorer Favorites and Netscape Bookmarks.
      • Use Templates to make new project-creation simple.
      • Easily put the downloaded files on a CD.

Pro Features

  • Projects management window
    - It provides fast and easy access to all your projects.
    - You can select multiple projects and download them one after another.
    - The window supports drag-and-drop and copy/paste operations.
    - You can create multiple folders to group related projects.
  • Multiple projects download
    You can select multiple projects, start download and the program will process them one after another.
  • Enhanced Integrated browser
    - It gives you control over pop-up windows and allows you to block, ignore or redirect them.
    - Can block JavaScript error windows.
  • New DHTML and JavaScript parser
    Now you can choose between standard parser and a brand-new professional parser that has the following advantages:
    - More accurate JavaScript and DHTML parsing.
    - Improved HTML forms submission.
    - It can convert links on-fly during parsing.
  • Large sites downloads
    This product is designed to be able download very large websites by speeding-up the following processes:
    - Internal links indexing.
    - Faster resuming downloads.
    - Better links conversion.
  • Project Export in multiple formats
    The program can export project data in multiple formats (in addition to ZIP format supported by WebCopier for Windows):
    - MHT web archive
    - CHM file (requires installation of a free copy of Microsoft HTML Help Workshop)
    - Can copy all downloaded files into Microsoft Internet Explorer cache directory
    - Can export information about downloaded files (URL, file name, file date etc.) into a Text file (in comma or tab separated format).
  • Copy downlaoded sites to iPhone / iPad
    The program can copy downloaded sites to iPhone / iPad (*).
    Then, you can browse these sites on your mobile devices even when you don't have Internet connection.
    (*) requires free versions of iSaveWeb or Sites-2-Go app to be installed on iPhone / iPad.
  • Automatic project export
    User can choose to export project data automatically right after project download has been completed.
  • Recursive download method
    A new "Recursive" method has been added to existing "Balanced" download method. Instead of downloading a web site level-by-level, the new methods perform downloads branch-by-branch. This approach can be useful when you download a large site with pictures located several levels deep in different branches or external sites, and you want to retrieve first pictures as soon, as possible.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows PC
iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro
512 MB or more
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista
Windows 7/Windows 8.x/Windows 10
OS X 10.5 or higher
Disk Space:
10 MB application files
additional space for downloaded files
Internet Connection:
TCP/IP connection of any type
(modem, DSL, cable, wireless)