Enjoy web browsing, even when you are
not connected to the Internet.

Store company online catalogs, websites, presentations directly on iPad / iPhone, and access them anytime, anywhere.

- Sales personal gets instant access to company catalogs

- Web designers can show their work, even before site is deployed to web server

- Employes access valuable information, even when they are disconnected from the company intranet

- Students can study online materials, when they are offline

Available on Windows iPhone and Apple iPad.

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Sites-2-Go on iPhone

Sites-2-Go on iPad

Transfer HTML-based catalogs, presentations

Increase your employees’ mobility and productivity by uploading company HTML-based catalogs, presentations, support materials to their iPads.

- Put these files in a ZIP archive
- Tap this app Stored Sites button
- Switch to Upload tab
- Upload files either from web browser, or thru iTunes

Store websites on iPad / oPhone

Use WebCopier Pro offline browsers

- to download websites, either from the Internet, or intranet, to desktop computer, and then

- transfer downloaded sites directly to Sites-2-Go on your iPad / iPhone.

Upload website design

Have you developed a great website and want to show it to your clients directly on iPad / iPhone, even when you are not connected to the Internet?

Then use this app, upload your designs to your mobile device and then view them offline.