Main Window Overview

WebCopier's main window has five main components:

1 - Toolbar with "shortcut" buttons to many of WebCopier's tools.

2 - Contents Tree graphically displays the website's structure.

3 - Contents Tree / Log File Window tabs let you switch between the Contents Tree and the Log File Window. The Log File Window shows a summary of the download process.

4 - Welcome screen

5 - Welcome / Download Info Window tabs
Download Info window displays the information about the ongoing download:
· Number of Found, Processed (downloaded) and Filtered (excluded from the download based on certain restrictions, URL Filters or File Filters) links.
· Number of Errors during the download session.
· Current and Average download speed.
· Elapsed and estimated Remaining time.
· Amount Downloaded during this session and Total size of the site (downloaded during all session for the project).

Main Window

Create a New Project

New Project button

It's easy to download a website with WebCopier. Just follow these steps:

Create a new project.
Press the "New Project" button on the Toolbar.

The "Create a New Project" Wizard will guide you as you prepare a new download.

  • Give the project a title.
  • Select the folder where the downloaded files will be saved.
  • Specify the website's address.


Download website


Press the "Start Download" button on the Toolbar.

Start Download
Download Info

The download will begin, and the Download Info window will be shown.

This window shows each file's status as it is downloaded.


Browse downloaded website

When a download is completed you can browse your copy of a website.

To be exact, you can start the browsing even when the download is still going on, with some restrictions, of course.

Double click on the fist tree subnode to start browsing the downloaded files in your regular browser, like Safari, Firefox, etc..

Integrated Browser

Advanced Topics


That is all you need to do to get a copy of a website.

As you can see, WebCopier is very easy to use.

However, it is also quite powerful.

Lets look at some Advanced topics.


How to control your downloads

Download Restrictions

There are several methods to get exactly what you need from the Web.

Put some restrictions.

You can specify what file types to download, set the maximum disk space, number of files, maximum file size and limit total download time.

Limit a download Links Level.

That will tell WebCopier how deep to dig a website.

Link Level Restrictions

The most efficient way of controlling your downloads is using URL Filters.

They can specify (based on protocol, server, directory or file name) which files should be loaded and which should be skipped.

Also you can tell the program to download links that are located below the starting address only.

This is the end of the tour.

Thanks for your attention.

Give WebCopier a try and see by yourself how easy to use and powerful it is!